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Newborn portrait session

Newborn portrait sessions are my absolute favorites! I always feel so honored to share some of the most precious moments in every family's life.

The idea of newborn photography is to capture the sleepy, curly, womb-like features of a baby, resembling their favorite positions in their Mummy's womb.  

Because the physical features of your precious newborn baby change so rapidly during the first couple of weeks after birth, it's strongly recommended to have a newborn session done within the first 5-12 days of life.

Having a newborn photo session done for your baby is as important as having your wedding pictures taken. Your baby is a beautiful gift, a miracle, a celebration of your love!


The session usually lasts for 2-4 hours (depending on the package you choose). I never rush my sessions. I work peacefully until I have captured everything. A full sessions might take as long as 4 hours because we cater for plenty of feeding, soothing and changing. 

The session may take place in either your house or in my home studio.

Partners and other children are welcome to join the session. Wardrobe options are up to you. Try to keep colors natural and complimenting each other. Avoid large, distracting patterns and opt for plain shirts with no branding or words on them.

A variety of props are available for use, including wraps, headbands, beanies, blankets, rugs, boxes, baskets and other baby sized items. We will choose them together in order to create a portrait that will look great in your living room or your nursery. I also encourage you to bring any sentimental items you'd like to include in photos.

Things to note:

- the studio will be very warm, so dress in layers in the cooler months. In case we run the session at your house, please raise the temperature one hour in advance, because the baby will be undressed for the best part of the session.

- dress the baby in the pieces of clothing that doesn't require to be taken off over their head.

- try to keep the baby awake for a while before the session. So by the time you arrive for the session, the baby is ready to sleep.

- Please arrive for a session in a good mood and with a positive attitude. Don't stress if your baby doesn't cooperate and cries a lot or doesn't fall asleep during the session. Don't worry, we will find a way to soothe him and get some amazing shots.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via my online contact form or give me a call on 514-451-5145.